We are continuing to keep you safe with Covid measures across parcel handling, deliveries and customer services. We are making adjustments across our business to provide the best service possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding.   


Health and safety update




·       We will ensure 2 metres social distancing within our warehouse

·       Regular cleaning of all workstations will be carried out before the start of work   including keyboards in the warehouse and desks and keyboards in the office

·       All our staff members are  encouraged to wear face coverings in communal areas, including the warehouse, toilets, canteen, and the warehouse offices (due to their busy nature) unless medically exempt and previously discussed with their line manager

·       We will ensure our windows and doors are to be kept open in offices during working hours

·       During the cold weather most shutters will be opened to a maximum of 30cm unless loading or unloading is taking place or they can be opened fully

·       We will ensure when loading vehicles, all touch points will be sanitised before and after use

·       All our Forklift truck touch points will be sanitised before and after use



·       All our drivers will be encouraged to wear face coverings when delivering to your school

·       Our drivers will deliver your items whilst always maintaining social distancing of 2 metres.

·       We will ensure our vehicles are sanitised before and after use including all touch points

·       All dirty masks will be placed in a black disposable sack, tied at the top and placed in a bin

·       We will ensure whilst driving where possible windows on our vehicles are open

·       You will be asked for a signature for deliveries. If you are unable to do this the driver will ask for your customer name (surname and first name) and will write this information onto the manifest or manual delivery note


More information can be found here.