Furniture Size Guidelines

One size of furniture will not provide the best fit for all the children in your classroom.

The following download, produced in association with FIRA, provides pre-purchase guidance.

E-procurement catalogue downloads 2018_2019 Herts Fullstop

SIMS FMS/CSV file/Keys/RM Solution/excel/Hoge100/tab delimited txt file & CSV for PS Financials & Sage for the 2018/2019 Herts Fullstop Catalogue are now available to download. New prices started 07/04/2018

General Conditions of Purchase

Please see attached download.

Camira Fabric Colour chart

Please see PDF download for Camira Fabric Colour choices

Bradbury Fabric Colour Choices

Please see PDF Download for Bradbury Fabric Pyra Colour Chart

Promotional material

Promotional material and additional information about HFS.